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Monday, 10 December 2012

What are Boutique hotels? And what makes them different from the rest?

The latest thing in hospitality seems to be the boutique hotels popping up in London and all over the country. There is no shame in admitting that you’re not 100%  sure what the real meaning of the term 'boutique' in this context is, or why in fact this term is used in connection with certain hotels and not others and of course the main question is: what are the benefits of staying in these types of hotels? 

London is filled with huge and anonymous hotels so one major benefit from these so called ‘boutique’ hotels is that they are smaller - the idea being that a higher level of service is provided with the fewer rooms they have. As per the enthusiasts of this business, a hotel with no more than 100 rooms can proudly be called a boutique hotel. It undoubtedly adds a sense of luxury and indulgence to a stay when there is the space to provide a more personal experience.

Boutique hotels often have a unique theme – this can be outlandish and general to the whole hotel (for example, a specific time period, bold colour scheme or motif) or added in more modest touches (with original artwork, designer toiletries or natural materials).

Another key characteristic is the intimacy of the hotel and how this atmosphere is achieved. To qualify as a boutique hotel, particularly in London where there is such competition, the décor needs to be of a very high quality – whether contemporary or elegantly classic, there needs to be an attention to detail and unquestionable authenticity. The ambience should be spot on - an oasis in the heart of London – and, as previously mentioned, it needs to offer a level of personal service that is virtually unachievable in large chain hotels.

Essentially, this comes from the staff themselves who, through a pro-active attitude, can elevate the experience of all patrons - when staying in a boutique London hotel, guests will expect the service to be faultless as a given but the expectation is also that the staff should know, in advance, their requirements as opposed to merely responding to them when asked.

And, although it is true that to feel like a boutique hotel the service should be more personal, it is imperative when operating in major cities and or business districts that everything is still handled professionally. In terms of familiarity it is important to know the line.  

Friday, 16 November 2012

The Leonard Boutique Hotel London; Christmas Shopping

Thinking about getting away for Christmas or coming to do some Christmas shopping before the holidays begin, why not make the Leonard Hotel and Apartments your home away from home?
Shopping has never been more magical than when you walk under the famous Christmas Lights of Oxford Street and Regent Street.  Immerse yourself in the fantastic Christmas designs in the windows of Selfridges or feel like a kid again in Hamley’s Toy Store, one of the biggest toy stores in the UK.
Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park is a festive treat for all of the family, offering hot food, mulled wine, ice skating and fun fair rides for people of all ages.
Whether you are in London City looking for that something special to purchase or you are just in central London for a day of retail therapy on or around Oxford Street, this charming boutique hotel is the ideal location from which to base yourself.

Just a few minutes’ walk from the hotel, you can find the treasures that are on offer at some of the best known stores and boutiques. Selfridges, for example, is only a couple of blocks away. Selfridges, founded by H.G. Selfridge in1909, is the second largest shop in London and in the UK, just after Harrods. Also situated just around the corner are the famous Marble Arch, affluent Park Lane and the magnificent Hyde Park.

Also based a few minutes’ walk away is one of Oxford streets newest challengers for the title of biggest store, Primark. In the heart of Central London's shopping Mecca you will definitely find some amazing deals and great value. There is always something for everyone on offer.

In less than 10 minutes walk from The Leonard Hotel and Apartments, you can drown yourself in the luxury that the famous stores of Bond Street, Regent Street and Oxford Street have to offer. This includes Liberty, Ralph Lauren, Armani, Victoria’s Secrets and Fenwicks, just to name a few boutiques. A bit further down on Regent Street are the like of D & G, Louis Vuitton, Hublot and Hermes amongst others. Past these iconic shop fronts and you are in a few hundred yards of some of the most gaped in windows in the world, with flagship stores for the likes of Asprey, Cartier and Mont Blanc.
Also on offer, you have Carnaby Street, Saville Row and the bars and clubs of Soho. Around the corner, St Christopher Place offers you a little slice of Europe with its al fresco dining, cafés and unique boutiques.

Once you have graced Selfridges, Harrods and the boutiques of Oxford Street & Bond Street why not retreat back at the Leonard Hotel and relax in front of one of our many open fire places. Why not treat yourself and indulge in our traditional afternoon tea. Our friendly porter will be very pleased to carry your numerous shopping bags to your Suite or apartment. Welcome to The Leonard Hotel and Apartments, the most relaxing retreat in the Wonderful World of West End London Shopping.